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Our assortments vary by season. You may select your own chocolates from the Seasonal Collection or have our chocolatier choose.
Four Pieces Eight Pieces

Four Pieces

Four chocolates in a gold box.  $9

Eight Pieces

Eight delicious chocolates in a clear round container.  $16

Eight Pieces Eighteen to Twenty-One Pieces

Eight Pieces

Eight chocolates in a gold box.  $16

Eighteen to Twenty-One Pieces

A selection ready to be shared in a gold box.  $30 - $35

Thirty-Two to Forty Pieces Sixty-Four Pieces

Thirty-Two to Forty Pieces

Depending upon the chocolates chosen, the box holds thirty-two to forty pieces of chocolates in a gold box.  $53 - $65

Sixty-Four Pieces

Sixty-four pieces of chocolate in a square gold box.  $105

Oval Party Platter Round Party Platter

Oval Party Platter

A thirty piece platter.  $50

Round Party Platter

A forty-five to fifty-one piece platter.  $75 - $85

Elegant Oak Box Lacquered Wood Box

Elegant Oak Box

A spectacular presentation of eighteen of our chocolates in a 15" sliding oak box.  $70

Lacquered Wood Box

A beautiful keepsake lacquered wood box with a natural wood lid and an ebony colored base filled with 36 chocolates.  $120

Seder Plate

Seder Plate

A delicious addition to your holiday table - a seder plate in either dark or milk chocolate on an embossed chrome serving tray.  $30